Project 1999 Automatic Patcher V1

Chances are, if you invested any significant amount of time playing the original Everquest by Varant/Sony, you’ve never been able to find the same joy, feeling of community and sense of accomplishment from any subsequent MMORPGs.  Unfortunately, the decade past has resulted in many changes to Sony’s Everquest, and while the name remains, the world I once loved has moved on.

Fortunately, the folks over at Project 1999 ( have made great strides in replicating the old “Everquest” experience, snapshotted right after the Kunark expansion was released.  For fans of the “old world”, this is widely considered to be the best of times.

Participation in Project 1999 comes at the cost of a copy of Everquest, creating EQ Emulator and Project 1999 accounts, downloading several custom file patches and editing a few files.  While I can’t help you purchase a copy of the original Everquest or give you memberships to the appropriate groups, I can help with the rest!

After completing a standard installation of one of the Project 1999 approved versions of Everquest, Project 1999 Automatic Patcher performs the following:

  1. Verifies installation location and the presence of several key files.
  2. Downloads and installs the most recent Project 1999 patch files.
  3. Performs all modifications and backups of legacy Everquest files.
  4. Creates a Project 1999 desktop icon.



  • Project 1999 Automatic Patcher requires administrative rights to modify the Everquest files within your Program Files directories.
  • Coded in C# and references the Ionic Zip library. 




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